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Improve your sleep in 1 hour per week.

A weekly interactive yoga & breath session designed to help you fall asleep faster, improve your deep sleep, and wake up refreshed 🛌

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What's Included?

Yoga Breathing Meditation

In Restorative Hour

we will be tapping into lunar energy to quiet the body and mind.
This includes Yoga / Qigong stretches & various Breathing Techniques that will lead you into a meditative state.

At the end of the session you will be ready for a deep & refreshing sleep.

Concious Breathing

is the foundation for yoga and meditation. It is a great tool to shift our energies in the physical, mental & emotional states.
In Restorative Hour, we will explore breathing techniques that reduce stress, improve immune system, and increase mental clarity.
Fall Asleep Faster
Increase Sleep Efficiency
Wake Up Refreshed

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Common Questions

Send any questions to hello@restorativehour.com
What to expect in Restorative Hour
We will be starting off with some Qigong moves to relax the body and mind, leading to some gentle yoga stretches, and ending with deep breathing techniques to releasing tension in the mind & body after a hectic day. The session will last just under 1 hour, and will take place 4 times per month.

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How Much Does It Cost?
Your first session is free. We charge $10 CAD per session.
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